How to start a successful acquaintance with a girl?

Due to shyness, inexperience and complexes that accumulate from early childhood, most guys and even adult men have almost no experience of communicating with beautiful ladies and do not know how to start dating a girl. Your voice sounds quiet and uncertain, your habits are awkward, and there is frozen fear in your eyes ... Recognize yourself? If yes, then do not rush to despair - after all, there is a way out, and numerous express online dating is a vivid confirmation of this.

Uncertainty combined with excitement in medicine is called suspense. At the genetic level, women are looking for a strong and confident male, and not a mumbled, not able to connect a couple of words. Therefore, it will be great if you practice asking questions when meeting. And the best way to do this is in chat roulettes, where the system constantly offers communication with new people. The more often you practice this communication, the more confident you will become in the eyes of women.

How to start dating a girl using online communication picture

But, what to write to a girl to interest her and stand out from other alpha males (or men trying to present themselves like that)? Taking into account the nuances of female psychology, we are ready to share with you effective ways to successfully meet.

5 effective ways to meet a girl online

If you want to find a soul mate, a friend of the same interests, a pleasant pen pal, or a counselor, you need to prepare well.

  1. Create an original profile. The first thing a potential interlocutor pays attention to before starting a conversation is the information in your account. Think about your indisputable merits (and they certainly are in every person) and think about how to correctly submit data about yourself in order to interest, and not scare away. At the same time, it is important to be as yourself as possible, because pretending will not work for a long time. For example, instead of being shy, you can indicate that you are the kind of person who knows how to listen (this quality is very valuable in the eyes of girls), and present modesty as mysteriousness. Don't be lazy, remember that you are greeted by clothes and the first impression is important. Therefore, try to choose a photo for your profile that contains your flaws (if they exist and bother you), choose the right angle, and even better, upload a video presentation of your hobby (this way you will better open up and feel more confident in further communication on the web camera).
  2. Provide yourself with comfortable communication. It is important to understand not only how to “sell” yourself, but also what you want to “buy”. Therefore, look for people by criteria - this will allow you to weed out those with whom communication will be obviously uncomfortable. Before you write your first message, think about what common interests may connect you with the chosen interlocutor. Online dating has one indisputable advantage over live communication or dating - you can end the dialogue at any time, as soon as you understand that the person in the chat has crossed some of your personal boundaries, has offended you with something, or you simply cannot find a common language ... The chats provide for the confidentiality of your data and the person you are unpleasant will not be able to get personal information and will no longer be annoying with attempts to communicate.
  3. Learn to be proactive. Even the first attempts will be a fiasco for you, but you will gain the most valuable experience of how to not act. If the girl you like is in no hurry to write or answer you, take the initiative into your own hands (you are a man), and offer the beginning of a dialogue or its continuation. Refuse at the same time from the hackneyed phrases like "your mother does not need a son-in-law", which the girl heard from many guys before you. Show your imagination, experiment and remember in the online space you have many attempts to improve and get rid of your complexes forever.
  4. Do not rush to be enchanted. Everything should go on as usual. You will still have time to fall in love and make plans for the future, but while the acquaintance is just beginning, enjoy the fact that you will recognize the person step by step. Remember that web dating is around and the girl you are interested in can, in parallel, communicate with someone else before the relationship moves to the next stage. Therefore, do not press with a strong pressure, but also do not let us forget about you. Effective communication is pleasant communication, both for you and for the other participant. From destructive dialogues, as we have already said, leave immediately without hesitation.
  5. Look for common interests. In order to establish an original acquaintance on the Internet, which will be mutually pleasant, it is important to speak the same language and understand each other perfectly. Having similar interests, you will not need to pretend and the dialogues will happen one after another easily and on their own. Therefore, it is so important to find exactly your person, and on those who do not fit and with whom it is very difficult and not worth wasting your time. Remember that you cannot be liked by everyone, just as you are far from everyone's liking - and this will help you best understand how to start dating a girl.

And to confirm all of the above, remember your relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances: not all of them are supermen, noble pick-up artists or breathtaking handsome men. But most still find their soul mate. Realization of this will help you to be more confident, and most importantly, real and meet the one you dream about.