Rules for chatting in Chatroulette

1. It is forbidden to show disrespect to the interlocutor:

  • behave in a boorish way and use profanity;
  • insult on national, racial and religious grounds;
  • to threaten the interlocutor.

2. It is forbidden to behave vulgarly:

  • offer virtual sex;
  • use words that may have obscene sexual connotations;
  • be in a chat room with no clothes or underwear;
  • demonstrate genitals and other intimate parts of the body;
  • touch the genitals, even through clothing;
  • direct the camera below the chest (try to have your face in the frame);
  • perform any actions that can be regarded as obscene.

3. It is forbidden to show extraneous images instead your own:

  • direct the camera to the monitor screen;
  • direct the camera to the photo;
  • direct the camera to any text messages;
  • use webcam emulators.

4. It is forbidden to spam:

  • broadcast images or write messages of an advertising nature;
  • to send any references to the interlocutors;
  • carry out mass mailing of messages;
  • to ask users to perform actions on the Internet: to vote, to put the likes, to take part in the survey, to go to the site, etc.

5. The system of complaints

  • Any chat user can send a complaint to their interlocutor. The complaint isattached to the user's picture, on the basis of which the moderator makes a decision whether ban interlocutor or not. Moderators react to complaints around the clock, without days off.
  • If a user who violates the chat rules is often complained of by a large number of users, he is automatically banished. The complex mechanism of the complaints system excludes random or made on purpose bans.

The administration of the video chat is not responsible for the actions of users, but does its best to fight offenders. It's physically impossible to keep track of all the violations in the chat, so we strongly urge you to complain about the violators.
Your complaints help us make the chat cleaner and better.